Letter: Alcohol delivery not a good idea


To the editor,

In response to the Citizen’s News story, “Beer truck hits the road in borough.” Is it only me or does anyone else see this as a major horrible idea? No offense whatsoever to Mr. Lopez, I admire his creativity and ambition to bring something new to Naugatuck, but how is this even slipping by without opposition?

In this day and age, and especially here in Naugatuck, do we actually need alcohol delivery?

“It is up to the drivers to discern that a customer is of age to drink.” Are you kidding me? One scenario that is absolutely guaranteed to happen often: teens pay neighbor $20 to take the delivery, then hand it over to them for a party.

This is a huge accident waiting to happen, not to mention the contribution to a guaranteed rise in alcoholism in Naugatuck. This will also make it difficult for an alcoholic to stay on the wagon because there will be no embarrassment in walking into a liquor store.

One other question, who is the responsible party if the “discerning” driver delivers to a person already over-intoxicated, then said person goes out driving and kills a couple people. Is Mr. Lopez or his driver willing to accept the blame?

I’m sorry but this is just another example of a downward direction in Naugatuck. Terrible, terrible idea.

Michael Anthony