Letter: A shining example of a positive person


To the editor,
I am writing this letter in recognition of one of Beacon Falls’ most outstanding citizens, Marion Bradley, pharmacist and proprietor of Beacon Falls Pharmacy. We so often find reasons to complain about what our hometowns lack, rather than focusing on the positive people who are shining examples of pride in our small community.

I have known Marion Bradley since she and her husband, Bob, first opened Beacon Falls Pharmacy a decade ago. As most Beacon Falls residents know, there is rarely a weekend day when there isn’t a local community service activity taking place in the pharmacy parking lot, from car washes to bottle collections and flea market sales, all of which benefit members of our town, particularly our children enrolled in our public school system. The donation of time and space all serve to benefit students working to fulfill community service hours required by students at Woodland High School, as well as local athletic organizations.

The Bradleys also support local authors and artists, allowing for books about our local history and artwork created by painters readily available at the pharmacy. There is so much to be said about local merchants who truly care about the community, its history and its residents; we all know how rare this is when we walk into “chain” pharmacies, where clerks and pharmacists do not know our names, could care less about our medical issues, and for whom our time and our personal concerns matter not a bit. Marion is truly the antithesis of that brand of apathy, and I am grateful for her constant presence in the community.

Let’s therefore take a moment to reflect on the true meaning of public service and the local citizens who provide it every day in our community. Marion Bradley possesses all those qualities and more, and it is the good fortune of the residents of Beacon Falls to know this outstanding citizen.

Lynn D’Andrea

Beacon Falls


  1. Well stated. Marion and Bob Bradley and their beautiful pharmacy are a great asset to Beacon Falls