Letter: A new paradigm for government


To the editor,

Politicians are elected to solve problems, but they in stay empowered by creating problems.
Elected officials were elected to build and maintain roads, supervise disease control and sanitation, maintain public schools, law and order (courts and police departments) fire departments and utilities. While we went to work, raise families and pursued the American Dream.

But something went seriously wrong after World War II when the politicians learned that they could tax unlimitedly and inject their personal ideology into the system.

The elected politicians’ ideology of socialism had led to unlimited programs, unlimited spending and unmerciful tax increases.

Unlimited power to tax has led to the unlimited power to corrupt the American system. As there are a number of men so are the number of opinions and programs on what we should be doing for the lazy, unproductive and criminal element of society.

“Every time we pay taxes we are feeding the monster that is destroying us.”

We need a paradigm shift on the power we give dysfunctional human beings — the power of unlimited taxation.

Taxation strangles businesses and the middle class destroying jobs corrupting the system and rewards the unproductive. How can we the people continue to give dysfunctional human beings the power to destroy us?

A better system of government is justification. All new programs and tax increases must be presented to the public with the benefits to the economy, jobs it will create, the unintended consequences that will result and the cost. Then the people have the power to vote yes we want to pay more taxes or no we don’t want to pay more taxes for that program.

Put politicians back where they belong in protecting our infrastructure, our freedoms. And the people shall have the power of taxation.

James J. D’Elia

Beacon Falls