Legislators call for cap on binding arbitration awards


HARTFORD — State representatives David Labriola, R-Oxford, and Rosa Rebimbas, R-Naugatuck, have proposed legislation to the Labor and Public Employees Committee asking for consideration regarding amendments to the collective bargaining statues to limit binding arbitration awards for increased wages to reflect, or stay within, the Consumer Price Index.

Binding Arbitration settles collective bargaining disputes between unions and municipalities. The aim of this bill to help stabilize town budgets and maintain an equal check and balance between income and spending, a press release stated.

“By indexing binding arbitration awards to the Consumer Price Index local municipalities will be better able to handle any potential additional expenses incurred through the arbitration award process,” Rebimbas said in the release.

“We have the citizens’ best interests at heart with this bill and I hope it comes up for a vote on the House floor,” said Labriola in the release. “The first step, however, is to see it scheduled for a committee public hearing. The people deserve an opportunity to testify on this proposal.”