Lasagna with love


By Elio Gugliotti, Editor

Beacon Falls church joins national movement

BEACON FALLS — With the efficiency of an assembly line, seven volunteers Feb. 9 made tray after tray of lasagna — or as they put it the “ultimate comfort food” — in the kitchen at Beacon Falls Congregational Church.

The lasagnas were destined for the tables of Beacon Falls residents who need a little comfort during the COVID-19 pandemic as part of the national Lasagna Love project.

“It’s just about bringing love and hope to the community through food,” said parishioner and volunteer Joann Overby, who coordinates the church’s Lasagna Love efforts.

Lasagna Love is a nationwide grassroots movement that aims to positively impact communities by connecting neighbors with neighbors through homemade meal delivery, the project’s website states.

Beacon Falls Congregational Church joined the movement in January and delivered five trays of lasagna last month. The church planned to deliver five more this month.

The homemade meals aren’t just for people or families in need. They are for anyone — like health care workers working long hours amid the pandemic who don’t have the time to cook a homemade dinner — who could benefit from a comforting meal.

(Volunteers make trays of lasagna at Beacon Falls Congregational Church on Feb. 9. The church joined the Lasagna Love movement in January and volunteers make homemade lasagna to deliver to residents. –PHOTOS BY ELIO GUGLIOTTI)

“We do it because we love people,” said Liza Whitehead, the church’s secretary.

The church will deliver up to five lasagnas a month to Beacon Falls residents. People must request a meal on the project’s website, People can also nominate others to get a meal through the website.

According to the website, people who request a meal will receive a text to coordinate a delivery if there is a “Lasagna Mama or Papa” in their area. It could take a week or two to receive a message, the website states. The website allows people all over the country to search if there are any people or organizations participating in their area.

The church is seeking food and monetary donations as well as volunteers to help make the lasagnas. For information on how to donate or volunteer, contact the church at 203-729-8802 or The church also posts information on donations it needs on its Facebook page.