Joint investigation targets drug dealing


WATERBURY — A joint investigation into drug dealing in the Greater Waterbury area netted charges against nearly 30 people, authorities say.

Federal authorities announced on Thursday that they arrested 24 people in connection with the investigation. One other suspect has been in state custody, and authorities are seeking four other suspects, a news release stated.

The arrests stem from a joint investigation led by members of the Drug Enforcement Administration in collaboration with the Naugatuck and Waterbury police departments.

The investigation began early last year. Authorities built their case using wire taps, surveillance and controlled drug buys.

Federal raids took place on March 20 in various places in Waterbury, including the East End and near North Main Street.

Police say they have seized about 3,000 bags of heroin, 400 grams of cocaine, 350 grams of a mix of fentanyl and heroin, 400 grams of raw heroin, 10 grams of crack, 20 pounds of marijuana, fentanyl patches, a press for compacting narcotics, four handguns, about $120,000 in cash and four vehicles.

At the head of the list of those arrested was Keith “Knowledge” Jordan, 50, of Waterbury, who authorities charged with conspiring to distribute more than a kilogram of heroin.

Among those arrested were 48-year-old Naugatuck resident Larry Hall, who’s also known as “Chuito” and “Bobo,” and Rosemary Colon, 35, of Naugatuck, authorities said.

Each person arrested is facing charges of conspiracy to distribute, and to possess with intent to distribute, various quantities of heroin, cocaine and crack cocaine, authorities said. Depending on the type and quantity of drugs involved, each person charged is facing sentences ranging from five years to life in prison, police said.

“This investigation is a perfect example of what can be accomplished when local, state and federal agencies work collaboratively to target large-scale drug trafficking operations,” said Naugatuck Police Chief Steven Hunt in a news release. “(The) arrests and seizures have dealt a significant blow to the narcotics being dealt in the Waterbury/Naugatuck area and have ultimately made our communities safer.”