Joint boards to consider request for new SUV


NAUGATUCK — Fire Chief Ken Hanks is asking the borough to purchase a new vehicle. The Ford Explorer would replace a 1999 Ford Expedition used by Second Assistant Chief Paul Russell.

Last month, the Joint Boards of Mayor and Burgesses and Finance shot down a request for $4,700 to repair the Ford Expedition worth $4,200.

The vehicle has 118,000 miles on it and goes through three to four quarts of oil per week, Hanks said at the last meeting.

The joint boards agreed that it would be a waste of money to repair the old car.

During Tuesday’s Board of Mayor and Burgesses meeting, Hanks asked the board to transfer $9,300 from the contingency fund for lease payments on the new vehicle. According to Hanks, the vehicle would cost about $28,000 over a three year lease-to-own program. The cost also includes about $3,000 for fire equipment, including a radio, emergency lighting, and sirens.

The board referred the request to the joint boards, which will meet Tuesday, for further discussion.

“This is perfect because we didn’t burn the $4,700 (for repairs) and we can put it towards this new vehicle, so it’s a smart move,” Burgess Robert Neth said.

The Ford Expedition is one of several fire department vehicles on its last legs. Last month, the joint boards approved repairs for Engine 3, but three other cars and one other engine bought in the 1990s are in need of repair or replacement in the near future, according to Hanks.

Hanks indicated that he plans to request a vehicle replacement program to start in next year’s budget.