Hospital cases of COVID-19 drop two days straight


By Republican-American

The number of people hospitalized with the coronavirus dropped Sunday for the second day in a row, according to data released by the state.

The number of people hospitalized decreased by 37 Sunday to 1,901, the state reported. The decline followed an eight-person drop on Saturday.

“For the second straight day, the number of people hospitalized in Connecticut due to complications caused by COVID-19 has slightly decreased, another step in the right direction and another sign that the efforts we’ve been taking as a community are having an impact on slowing the outbreak,” Gov. Ned Lamont posted on Twitter with Sunday’s update.

But now is not the time to become complacent, the governor warned.

“Whether this continues is dependent upon on the actions each of us takes,” he said. “This isn’t over. We lost another 41 CT residents, and we mourn for their lives. Together, we can have an impact on flattening the curve, but if people tell you the pandemic has ended they are wrong.”

As of Sunday, 17,962 people in the state have tested positive for coronavirus, an increase of 412 over Saturday’s numbers. An additional 41 people have died, bringing that total to 1,127.

The reported deaths include persons who tested positive for COVID-19 around the time of death, and untested persons whose death certificate lists COVID-19 disease as a cause of death or a significant condition contributing to death.

A total of 59,759 people have been tested for the virus, with an additional 1,546 people tested between Saturday and Sunday.

As of Saturday, Naugatuck Valley Health District reported there have been 115 laboratory-confirmed cases of coronavirus in Naugatuck and 24 in Beacon Falls.

Chesprocott Health District reported there have been 29 laboratory-confirmed cases in Prospect from March 26 through Friday.