Hearing on street line in Beacon Falls continued


BEACON FALLS — The question of where a commercial property ends and the town’s right-of-way along Johnson Street begins is still up in the air following a public hearing Monday night.

The hearing will continue on Jan. 23 at 7 p.m. at Town Hall to give neighbors a chance to look at a more detailed map that was supposed to be available in the Town Clerk’s office prior to the hearing, but wasn’t according to town officials. The plans will be available for the next two weeks.

Mario Trepca, a member of L&R Trepca of Seymour, plans to build a retail development along South Main Street on the property in question. Trepca purchased two parcels of land, 113 and 119 South Main St., last April.

Before Trepca can start construction this spring, he needs to know how far the building should be set back from Johnson Street, which runs parallel to South Main Street.

The street-taking line on Johnson Street, which abuts the eastern side of Trepca’s property, isn’t delineated.

According to Selectman Chris Bielik, several neighbors from the other side of Johnson Street attended the public hearing and got answers to their questions.

“It calmed any fears that they may have had,” Bielik said. “All the other residents on Johnson Street were satisfied that there was not going to be any impact to them.”

Bielik said the proposed line is fair and asks for less land than the adjoining properties.