Hazardous waste, paint to be collected


Residents from Beacon Falls and Naugatuck can dispose of household hazardous waste and paint Saturday.

Household hazardous waste and paint will be collected from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Woodbury Middle School, 67 Washington Ave., Thomaston. There is no charge to residents. Proof of residency is required for entrance.

Household hazardous wastes are any wastes produced in the home that are poisonous, flammable, reactive or corrosive, including oil- and latex-based paints and stains, thermometers and thermostats containing mercury, cleaners, pesticides, poisons, pool and photo chemicals, grease and rust solvents, aerosols, and metal polishes.

Up to 50 pounds of waste will be accepted per vehicle.

Items that will not be accepted include, auto batteries, motor oil, propane tanks, asbestos, explosives, radioactive or medical waste, lead paint chips, and empty containers of any kind. The contractor reserves the right to reject additional materials.

Unacceptable materials will be returned or left in the vehicle and information will be given on how to dispose of them.

Beacon Falls residents can contact the public works garage at (203) 729-6978 for more information. Naugatuck residents can call public works at (203) 720-7073.