Handyman faces charges after stealing jewelry


NAUGATUCK — An Ansonia man surrendered to police last week on charges of stealing about 20 pieces of jewelry, worth about $12,000 total, from friends.

Thomas Morrow, 55, of 104 Howard Ave., stole the jewelry while working as a handyman for a friends who lived at 66 Autumn Ridge Road, said Lt. Robert Harrison of the Naugatuck Police Department. Morrow was given unrestricted access to the house to work while the family was home and stole some of the jewelry while paint¬ing a bedroom, Harrison said.

The family reported the thefts occurred on three different occasions in November, and jewelry belonging to three different family mem¬bers had been stolen, Harrison said. Among the items were necklaces and diamond rings, includ¬ing a platinum engagement ring with a half-carat princess cut diamond, worth about $3,600.

Morrow admitted to taking the jewelry when questioned by police and returned some of it, but had sold most of it, Harrison said. He was arraigned Tuesday in Waterbury Superior Court and given another court date of Feb. 2.

Special to the Citizen’s News