Greene votes for deficit mitigation package

Len Greene Jr.

HARTFORD — The legislature has passed a bipartisan deficit mitigation package aimed at eliminating a $251.6 million budget deficit for the current fiscal year.

The package, which was approved last Wednesday, drew approval from state Rep. Len Greene (R-105), but he warned that this deal is just the beginning of a long, arduous process to adjust Connecticut’s fiscal policies.

“I am glad the legislature was able to come together to adopt this compromise,” said Greene in a news release. “Connecticut’s finances were at a breaking point, and immediate action needed to be taken to resolve our deficit — it could no longer be ignored. However, these spending reductions are just the beginning of a long process.”

The package includes an elimination of longevity payments for certain state employees and greater attempts to root out fraud in state programs. The package also builds in a $78 million Rainy Day Fund in case of future fiscal problems.

Greene said the deal was proof that both parties can come together and make meaningful changes to the way our state conducts business.

“It tells the people of Connecticut that the legislature is serious about getting our finances and economy back in shape — a feeling I think the people of our state lost over time. I hope the legislature can continue down this path,” said Greene, who lost his reelection bid in November.