Grease fire closes borough restaurant



NAUGATUCK — The New China restaurant, 169 Church St., is closed after a Thursday morning grease fire.

The fire started in the duct work that leads up into the roof while workers were cooking, Fire Chief Ken Hanks said. Someone who works nearby noticed smoke coming from the roof and called the fire department at about 11:30 a.m., Hanks said.

At least two workers were inside, unaware a fire had started, and they left once firefighters arrived, Hanks said.

The fire, which was caused by grease buildup in the duct work, burned itself out after workers shut off the exhaust fan over the grill, Hanks said. That section of Church Street was shut down for half an hour while firefighters checked the roof, Hanks said.

The restaurant will have to get the ducts cleaned and cannot open again without health department approval, Hanks said.