Grant to pay for conceptual drawing of new sidewalk


PROSPECT — The town is using a $10,000 grant to create a conceptual drawing of a new sidewalk to run from the intersection of Route 68 and Route 69 north to Hotchkiss Field.

Last April, the town used another state grant to do a safety study on adding a sidewalk along Route 69, according to Mayor Robert Chatfield.

He said a sidewalk in that area will improve safety.

“My idea is to get them as far away from the travel portion of the road as possible,” Chatfield said.

In a separate project, the town used a $125,000 Small Town Economic Assistance Program Grant to replace the sidewalk in front of Town Hall.

The same company which designed the sidewalks in front of Town Hall, Milone & MacBroom of Cheshire, will design the Route 69 sidewalk.

Once the conceptual drawing is complete, the town will vote on whether to approve funding for an engineered design, Chatfield said.

Before a new sidewalk is built, the Town Council’s ordinance committee will need to approve an ordinance for maintenance and snow removal and the Planning and Zoning Commission will have to create sidewalk regulations for new commercial projects and subdivisions.