Grand list goes up in Beacon Falls



BEACON FALLS — The town saw increases in all three parts of the 2013 grand list.

The town’s net grand list for Oct. 1, 2013 was $475,203,069, an increase of $458,080 or approximately 0.58 percent from the 2012 grand list. A municipality’s grand list is a tabulation of the assessed values of real estate, personal property and motor vehicles.

The total value of motor vehicles was $41,731,170, a 3.09 percent increase from the 2012 grand list.

Town Assessor June Chadderton said the sales of new cars are up and older cars have been holding their value for a longer time.

Personal property values increased to $18,890,455, or 5.78 percent, from the 2012 grand list. Personal property is the value of the items owned by a commercial business, excluding its building and land.

Chadderton said the increase is primarily due to new businesses opening in town.

The total value of real estate was $414,581,444, a .11 percent increase from the 2012 grand list.

Chadderton said the reason there was only a small increase in real estate values was due to minimal construction of new homes and a minimal amount of home improvements.

First Selectman Christopher Bielik said he’s pleased the grand list increased.

“Anything on the plus side is always good. We’d love to have that number be bigger,” Bielik said.

Bielik attributed part of the increase to the hard work of the Economic Development Commission, which has been working to attract businesses to Beacon Falls.

Using the current mill rate of 31.9, the increase in the grand list represents a gain of approximately $87,500 in tax revenue.

Top ten taxpayers

Two North Main LLC, $11,133,280

Connecticut Light & Power Co., $9,452,330

AM Alexandria LLC, $4,435,050

Murtha Enterprises Inc., $3,429,730

Aquarion Water Co. of Connecticut, $2,593,510

Murtha Industrial Four LLC, $2,524,210

SMSP-Connecticut LLC, $2,346,400

CRC Development LLC, $2,057,590

Seymour Beacon Falls LLC, $1,985,520

Mark Leonard, $1,792,930

The figures represent combined assessments. List provided by the Beacon Falls Assessor’s Office.