Gas leak leads to evacuation of homes


NAUGATUCK — A gas leak caused the temporary evacuation of two homes in Naugatuck Tuesday.

The Naugatuck Fire Department responded to 83 Carroll St. at 9:56 a.m. for a report of an odor of gas. The problem turned out to be minor leak, Capt. Jim Trzaski said.

However, a resident of 15 Tolles Square, which connects to Carroll Street, told the department he smelled gas inside his home as well.

When firefighters investigated, they found there was a significant leak in the basement where the meter comes into the home, Trzaski said. The department also found gas in the stormwater sewer.

They evacuated the residents of 15 Tolles Square, which is a three-family home, and 25 Tolles St., which is a single-family home.

Trzaski said the department asked all the residents in the area to stay in their homes as they checked each home for natural gas leaks.

“We found no other substantial readings,” Trzaski said.

When Yankee Gas arrived on the scene they were able to turn the gas line off and begin repairs, Trzaski said.

Mitch Gross of Yankee Gas said a pilot light was out in the residence on Tolles Square leading to the smell of gas and a car hit a gas meter on Carroll Street. No further information was available.

Trzaski said the evacuated residents were allowed to return to their homes this afternoon.

In the event that anyone smells gas they are advised to exit the building. They should then immediately call 911, Chief Ken Hanks said.

Hanks added the department also responded to Naugatuck High School Tuesday morning after someone reported smelling smoke. He said the smell was coming from the ongoing construction at the school.