Gamer attracts audience with blog



NAUGATUCK — A borough man has reached a worldwide audience with his commentary on video games, knowledge of science and a song or two.

Naugatuck native Brian Main is the creator and narrator of the popular YouTube channel, CampKillCommentary, a video game blog that discusses the XBox game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Main began the channel in February after his 9-year-old son Logan asked him to make a video. Main said his son loves video game commentators on YouTube and begged him to become one.

At the time Main wasn’t sure that anyone would actually want to listen to him talk about video games and just created the video for his son.

“I said, ‘I’ll show him. I’ll make one and we won’t get three subscribers,’” Main said.

The first video he made instantly became a hit, so Main began to make others. He currently has 39 videos with over 3,500 followers on his channel.

While Main is well known for his video game commentary now, he wasn’t always into playing games.

“I never used to be into video games. I played video games until I was 12. I quit and said, ‘That this was silly,’” Main said.

It wasn’t until he was older and dated a girl who played video games that he got back into it.

“It turned out I was really good. So here I am,” Main said.

Although it was his son who encouraged him to make the original video Main’s videos are for a mature audience.

It is not just other players who enjoy Main’s channel. Josh Olin, the former community manager of Treyarch, the company which created the Call of Duty games, is also a fan of Main’s videos. Olin shared Main’s videos and described them as “bizarrely entertaining” recently on Twitter.

Main said thanks to Olin’s endorsement a few of his videos have ended up on Ebaum’s World, which is a popular website that promotes funny videos from around the internet.

While Main’s channel is dedicated to talking about Modern Warfare 3, Main said he also uses the videos as a platform to promote academic topics such as science and history.

“I love all academics. I figure a lot of people playing video games aren’t learning anything, so I gave them enough information to go out and research,” Main said. “I try to hide a little medicine in the candy.”

However, Main said he also does silly videos that sometimes include him singing.

“It’s either humor or science,” Main said.

While his videos are becoming more and more popular, Main has run into a problem. His computer is old and is falling apart. Main said that his computer will only turn on for 15 minutes before crashing and turning off.

Main has turned to Kickstarter, a website that allows people to donate money towards their favorite projects, to purchase a new computer and continue to run his channel.

Regardless of whether his project is funded, Main is thankful for the good times he’s had making these videos.

“I like doing and my son thinks I’m a superhero now,” Main said.