Former officer files compliant


NAUGATUCK — A former Naugatuck police officer claims he was fired because Police Chief Christopher Edson believed he had a learning disability.

Andrew Segetti, 32, of Naugatuck, filed a complaint last week with the state Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities. In the complaint, Segetti states he told Edson he does not have a learning disability, but the chief told Segetti he was in denial and needed medication.

The complaint alleges that Edson also told Segetti’s wife and his wife’s mother, Naugatuck Police Commissioner Linda Mayfield, that he had a learning disability and that he might be “let go” if he did not take medication.

Segetti claims a certified doctor, whom the department sent him to for evaluation, concluded he did not have a learning disability.

On Feb. 21, less than five months after he was hired, Edson fired Segetti. Segetti states in the complaint that he believes he was fired because of his perceived learning disability and that the firing therefore is illegal.

The borough had not responded to the claims as of Tuesday. Edson said he could not comment about pending litigation. Segetti referred all calls to his attorney, Norman Pattis, who specializes in civil rights law. Pattis did not immediately return a message left Tuesday.

Segetti, a lifelong Naugatuck resident and former restaurant owner in the borough, takes issue with the way he says Edson freely talked about his personnel matters with Segetti’s family members.

“At or about the time I was sent for testing, and while testing was in progress, Chief Edson again approached my wife at a social event and began to provide her with personal information about me and my job performance,” Segetti states in the complaint. “He told my wife he thought I might have a learning disability and believed I needed to be on medication.”

Segetti also claims that immediately after he was sworn in as a Naugatuck police officer, Edson questioned his wife, who was pregnant, about whether he would be able to meet his employment responsibilities.

Segetti served as a police officer for the City of Hartford for approximately one year before being hired in Naugatuck. He said he completed the city’s “intensive police academy program,” responded to citizen complaints and helped investigate serious crimes.