Former deputy sworn is as Republican registrar


BEACON FALLS — Former Republican Deputy Registrar of Voters Jessica Krenesky was sworn in as the town’s Republican registrar on Feb. 11.

Jessica Krenesky succeeded her mother, Joyce Krenesky, who then filled the deputy Republican registrar position.

Jessica Krenesky has worked as a special assistant to the registrar of voters since the 2019 municipal election, according to Republican Town Committee Chairman and Michael Krenesky, who is a selectman and Jessica Krenesky’s father.

The Democratic and Republican registrars each earn an annual salary of $13,200.

Joyce Krenesky was previously the deputy Republican registrar and took over as registrar when Helen Mis resigned from the position last summer. Joyce Krenesky appointed Jessica Krenesky deputy registrar earlier this year.

Jessica Krenesky is not certified presently, but is planning to get her certification, according to Michael Krenesky.

The registrar positions are elected and up for election this year. Michael Krenesky said Jessica Krenesky plans to seek the Republican nomination to run for the position.