Focus of cleanup now on widening roads


Many streets in Naugatuck, like Cherry Street, are only plowed to one lane making it hard for cars to pass. –RA ARCHIVE
Many streets in Naugatuck, like Cherry Street, are only plowed to one lane making it hard for cars to pass. –RA ARCHIVE

As the massive cleanup from this weekend’s blizzard continues, the focus has shifted to making roads wide enough for two lanes.

Naugatuck Mayor Robert Mezzo, who has posted continuous updates on the storm and cleanup on his blog, said all roads in Naugatuck are now passable although many remain quite narrow. Crews are now working to widen streets and remove the massive amounts of snow in multiple locations, he wrote. The borough’s parking ban is still in effect.

“Vehicular travel remains hazardous, and we urge all motorists to exercise a heightened sense of caution and courtesy when driving, particularly on roads where only one lane of travel is possible.  Please pay special attention to pedestrians who are walking on narrow streets,” Mezzo wrote.

All borough departments are expected to open again Wednesday. Trash collection in the borough has been pushed back two days.

The roads in Beacon Falls and Prospect we’re passable by Sunday evening, with many having only one lane to travel.

“Our goal right now is opening up main arteries and getting roads accessible for school buses” Beacon Falls First Selectman Gerard Smith said Tuesday morning.

Smith said for all the issues that faced Beacon Falls the town was doing better than most, but it will still be a number of days before the town is completely clean.

Smith added that the Board of Selectmen and Board of Finance meetings that were canceled this week have been rescheduled to next Tuesday and Wednesday respectively.

Prospect Mayor Robert Chatfield said more than 50 percent of Prospect’s streets were open curb to curb and the town was concentrating on clearing intersections. He said the town is also working on over 100 turnarounds so school buses can maneuver through them.

“We’re in good shape,” he said Tuesday.

Chatfield thanked Prospect residents for the courtesy they are showing by pulling over and slowing down for the trucks while they’re widening the roads and for being patient and understanding.

“When were all sitting around on the Fourth of July, grilling hamburgers and hotdogs, we can say, ‘Wow wasn’t that some storm in February,’” Chatfield said.

Luke Marshall contributed to this article.