Flooding causes road collapse off Rubber Avenue


A portion of pavement next to Webster Bank on Rubber Ave. collapsed due to flooding this morning.

NAUGATUCK – A portion of Rubber Avenue was closed Monday at 1:30 a.m. due to flooding, but is now open again.

The road was inundated from McDonald’s to 7/11, with water up to two feet deep in some parts.

As the water drained, it revealed damage to the road, including undermining of the sidewalk along the Stop and Shop area and about 1.5 feet of roadway washed away opposite of 7/11.

Public Works department employees filled the holes to protect the river and the road.

“The roads are obviously back open again and safe,” said Public Works Director James Stewart.

He said crews would check the area again Tuesday to make sure it is still safe.

The public works department works to repair damage to Rubber Avenue caused by early morning flooding.

In addition, part of the culvert at the entrance to Mount View Plaza collapsed into the stream that rushed beneath it. That section of pavement is privately owned and has not yet been repaired. Shoppers can still access the plaza by the other entrance.

Despite heavy rains yesterday, no other road were closed in the borough, according to officials.

However, there were issues in other areas, including part of a driveway that got washed away on Sharon Drive and flooding issues in the Perock Lane, Charles Court, Cherry Street extension area and the Nettleton Ave. area Stewart said.

A pipe under someone’s property causes flooding regularly in that area, according to Stewart.

“With the amount of rain we got, we expect this much flooding,” he said. “Overall, the town didn’t do that badly from what we’ve seen.”