Fishing line clogs fountain in pond


PROSPECT — Mayor Robert Chatfield is asking people that fish at McGrath Park pond to not cast near the fountain.

In the spring, the town dredged the pond and finished retention work around it. The fountain, which had not been working due to silt build-up in the pond, was fixed and had been running. However, recently it stopped working again, Chatfield said.

When town workers took the fountain apart to see what was wrong, they found that it was clogged with fishing line, Chatfield said.

The fountain is working again.

“We had no green slime in the pond for the past two and a half weeks while the fountain was running. Now, because of the heat and humidity, we have a green film on the pond because we can’t aerate it,” Chatfield said. “Have a great time fishing but please don’t cast towards the fountain.”