First Selectman candidate announces core goals


BEACON FALLS — Republican First Selectman candidate Gerard Smith announced he intends to deliver cost-effective, efficient government.

“I will work with my strong team, when elected, to provide the management skills, financial expertise, and forward-looking planning our town needs,” Smith said in a news release.

Smith has served as selectman, Board of Finance member and chair of the Planning and Zoning Commission. He is running with Dave D’Amico, a former member of the Planning and Zoning Commission.

“We have three key core goals. First, I will work closely with the Board of Finance to plan ahead fiscally, avoiding big tax spikes and refraining from overtaxing our residents. I will lead the effort to develop a five-year capital equipment and infrastructure plan, enabling us to act when needs arrive. My administration will develop three-year operating forecasts so residents are aware of the impact on their taxes in the longer run, eliminating surprises,” Smith said in the release.

Smith continued, “Secondly, we will work tirelessly on broadening the town’s tax base by actively courting new businesses. I have the experience, as a former local business owner, to do this. We need to encourage more businesses to come to our town and help grow our tax base.

“Third, I will bring about a coalescing of town personnel, vastly improving communication between the various departments. My administration will be proactive rather than reactive to addressing issues. We will establish short-term goals and focus on their implementation, and we will create a forward-looking plan to address the emerging needs of the town, always sensitive to the taxpayers’ ability and willingness to pay,” Smith said in the release.