Filing period opens Feb. 1 for elderly homeowners program


NaugyTownHallNAUGATUCK — The Assessor’s Office will be accepting applications for Elderly Homeowners Program beginning next month.

The filing period begins Friday and runs through May 15.

To qualify for the program the applicant or spouse must have reached the age of 65 before the end of 2012. Their income must not have exceeded $33,500 for a single person or $40,900 for married couple.  This income amount must include social security paid during 2012.

Permanently and totally disabled individuals are eligible to receive benefits under the program regardless of age, provided all other criteria are met. Anyone filing because of a disability must bring their original notice of award letter from the Social Security Administration and their SSA1099 form from the social security department as proof.  Applications will not be accepted without this proof.

Proof of 2012 income must be presented at time of application. Proof of income includes federal income tax return and social security year end statement for 2012 for anyone that files an income tax return, W2 forms, pension year end statement, interest income, and year end social security statement for anyone that does not files an income tax return.

Other information needed is date of birth, social security number and telephone number.

If applicant is unable to appear, they may send an agent to file on their behalf.  For more information, please call the Assessor’s Office at (203) 720-7016.