Few opt out of survey


NAUGATUCK — Close to 2,000 Naugatuck public school teenagers will take a survey Thursday that asks about life in the borough and includes some controversial topics, including questions about drugs, alcohol and sexual relations.

The Board of Education decided in February to move forward with the survey, even though some communities, including Litchfield, balked at the idea. The school system asked parents if it was OK for the students to take the surveys: 22 parents out of 1,268 students at Naugatuck High School opted their children out of the survey, while 29 parents out of 677 students at City Hill Middle School opted out, said interim school Superintendent of Schools Jim Connelly.

“Given the controversy surrounding these surveys, I was pleased to see there was only a small percentage of parents who didn’t want their children to participate,” he said. “I think that’s a positive.”

Connelly said the results could be good tools for the school system, as well as Youth and Family Services and the Naugatuck Police Department, to help teenagers.