Familiar foes to face off


Conroy, Greene receive endorsements to run in 105th District

Theresa Conroy
Theresa Conroy

The battle for the 105th House District has taken shape, and it looks like a rematch.

Democrat incumbent state Rep. Theresa Conroy was nominated to run for another term during a convention Tuesday night in Beacon Falls.

“I really love this role, being able to help people and help the community. It’s not always the easiest job but I have a passion for it,” said Conroy in an interview prior to the convention.

The 105th District represents the towns of Beacon Falls, Seymour and Derby. Conroy has held the seat for the past two years.

Republican challenger Len Greene Jr. was nominated to run on the GOP ticket against Conroy at a convention in Seymour last week.

The battle between Conroy and Greene is one that has played out over recent elections.

In 2010, Greene defeated then-incumbent Conroy for the seat. Conroy returned the favor, winning the 2012 election.

Greene said he is running again because the last four years of Gov. Dannel Malloy’s term “have yielded massive tax increases, huge deficits, little job growth and a growing reputation as being one of the most expensive places to live and work in the country.”

Greene also voiced criticism of the work Conroy has been doing as representative.

Len Greene Jr.
Len Greene Jr.

“Unfortunately my opponent has spent the past two years doing exactly what she did before I beat her in 2010, which is vote for every tax increase, every spending increase, every costly borrowing scheme and every gimmick that has come across her desk,” Greene said in a press release. 

Conroy said she has made great strides in the communities she represents; pointing to the work she did to help reopen Cold Spring Road in Beacon Falls.

“There’s a lot more work that needs to be done. I’m on a good roll. I have the experience. I know where to go for further funding,” Conroy said.

Elections will take place on Nov. 4.


  1. Rep Conroy is starting her campaign by trying to take credit for re-opening Cold Spring Road. I understand her only involvement was to be there because there was a camera! She was nowhere to be found when multiple people from Beacon Falls made dozens of phone calls and went to Hartford to negotiate with DOT to open the road. Len Greene just earned my vote in November!