Fake prescription plan has trio facing charges


NAUAGTUCK — Three people were arrested Tuesday in connection with a plot to get Oxycodone pills with a fake prescription.

Valerie Orten, 23, and Douglas Barnes, 32, of Waterbury along with Kyle Dunn, 39, of Torrington turned themselves into Naugatuck police yesterday on active arrest warrants.

Police said the warrants stem from an incident that occurred in March at Nelson’s Pharmacy on Maple Street.

Naugatuck police spokesman Lt. Robert Harrison said Orten tried to use a prescription pad, stolen from a Watertown’s doctor’s office, to write a forged prescription for Oxycodone pills.

Harrison said identification is needed to fill an Oxycodone prescription, and Orten gave the pharmacist her real driver’s license. The pharmacist looked up Orten’s name on the pharmacy’s computer and saw that a prescription for the pills had recently been filled for her, he said.

The pharmacist became suspicious and called the doctor’s office, which reported that Orten was not a patient of the office, Harrison said. The pharmacist then called police.

Harrison said Barnes and Dunn had come to the pharmacy in separate cars, and were waiting outside. Neither man went in the pharmacy with Orten. He said since the transaction was taking too long both men got nervous and left the scene.

Orten also fled the store before police arrived, Harrison said, because it was taking too long. However, she left her license behind, he said.

With the license, police were able to track her down and the subsequent investigation linked Barnes and Dunn to the incident, Harrison said.

All three were charged with obtaining drugs illegally, forgery/falsify prescription, larceny in the sixth degree, indentify theft in the third degree, criminal impersonation, forgery in the second degree, conspiracy at illegally obtaining a prescription drug, conspiracy at forging a prescription, conspiracy at larceny in the sixth degree, conspiracy at identity theft in the third degree, conspiracy at criminal impersonation, and conspiracy at forgery in the second degree.

All three were released on a $10,000 bond and are scheduled to appear in Waterbury Superior Court on July 27.