Error means no ‘checkers’


NAUGATUCK — The Democrats locally had planned to put so-called “checkers” at polls today but were told by the Secretary of the State’s Office that they could not due to a filing error at the Registrar of Voters office.

The Dems were supposed to file a list of all potential “checkers,” or people who would sit at the polls and learn who had voted. They filed a list that had more names than were allowed by election laws. The Dems tried to amend the list to make it fit the requirements, but the state said it was too late.

The state Republican Party pointed out the decision on its Facebook page today. Local Democrats are working to get the problem rectified.

“Checkers” have not been used in Naugatuck in recent elections because it is a time consuming process that requires several volunteers. The point is to make sure the people they were counting on to vote actually went to the polls. If they did not, someone from the party would contact the would-be voters.