Emergency notifications to come from local number


PROSPECT — Emergency notifications will now come from a local number, according to Mayor Robert Chatfield.

Chatfield said the town’s Code RED system was recently upgraded. In the past, the phone calls came from an 800 number, but now they will appear to come from Town Hall, at 203-758-4461.

Chatfield said he expects more people will pick up when the see the local number.

The system alerts residents who sign up about weather related emergencies, fires, drinking water contamination, bomb threats, missing children, utility outages, prisoner escapes, sexual predators and hostage situations.

For example, Chatfield will send residents a message if a thunderstorm knocks down trees across the roads.

“It’s a good way to get everybody aware of what’s going on,” Chatfield said.

He said the system won’t be used to inform residents about routine events.

Residents can sign up to receive calls at www.townofprospect.org. They can link multiple numbers, including cellphones, to their accounts.

Currently, there are over 4,800 people on the list. Prospect has been using the system since 2008.