Developer seeks zone change


BEACON FALLS — The Planning and Zoning Commission is considering a zone change to a parcel of land on Burton Road and Fairfield Place.

The commission will hold a public hearing Feb. 18 beginning at 7 p.m. at Town Hall on the proposal, which would change the land from its current zoning designation of R-1 to R-3.

The 8.5-acre property is owned by Beacon Falls resident Charles Edwards, who is also the developer seeking the change.

According to plans filed with the Town Clerk’s office, Edwards wants to extend Fairfield Place and construct 10 houses. Six of the proposed lots range in size from 11,273 square feet to 17,459 square feet. The other four range in size from 32,010 square feet to 84,642 square feet.

Under the zoning regulations, any property in an R-1 zone, which these currently reside in, must have a minimum lot size of 45,000 square feet.

If the parcel was changed to an R-3 zone, according to the regulations, each lot would only need to be 7,500 square feet, if it had public water and public sewer.

The plan also calls for extending Haley Ridge Road and 10 more lots on an abutting 19.3-acre parcel. Although that parcel is also zoned R-1, the lots range in size from 46,000 square feet to 123,614 square feet and are large enough to be in compliance with the zoning regulations.

A message left with Edwards seeking comment was not returned.