Deadline approaching for grant application


NAUGATUCK — The borough is still looking to hear residents who may be able to take advantage of the housing rehabilitation loan program.

The program uses grant funding to pay for a host of home improvements, from replacing windows to plumbing and electrical repairs, for homeowners that meet income guidelines.

The way the program works is that eligible projects are paid for through the grant by a deferred loan. The loan is provided at no interest for eligible homeowners and requires no repayment until transfer of a title or when the homeowner dies.

In 2013, the borough received $400,000 for the program. The borough used that money to pay for about 15 improvement projects, and officials are preparing to apply for more funding. The borough’s application is due in April.

As part of the grant application, the borough has to show a need. Mayor’s Aide Ed Carter is looking for potentially eligible residents to contact him so the borough can put together a list of potential projects to include with the application. For more information, call Carter at 203-720-7208.