Crisco named to task force on health care

Joseph Crisco Jr.

HARTFORD — State Sen. Joseph Crisco Jr. (D-17) has been named to a new task force to address healthcare-related challenges faced by small businesses in the state.

Crisco, who chairs the legislature’s Insurance and Real Estate Committee, is one of two state senators and seven state representatives on the Working Group on Small Business Health Care. The group includes 16 members from the small business community as well.

The primary focus of the group is to scrutinize state laws and regulations pertaining to health insurance coverage for small business owners, employees, and family members, in order to amend ineffective regulations.

“With full acknowledgement that the small business sector is the traditional cradle for job growth and economic prosperity it is vitally important for us to streamline the process by which they provide health coverage for their employees and dependents,” Crisco said in a news release. “Availability, accessibility, and affordability will be the watchwords as we continue our efforts to make health insurance coverage part of the landscape for every Connecticut resident.”

According to the release, the task force held its first meeting earlier this month.

“I look forward to exploring the policy alternatives that will unfold as this group conducts its business in the coming months,” Crisco said in the release. “We firmly believe that as we reign in the costs and other obstacles in providing healthcare coverage for small businesses we will unbridle the economic engine inherent in that sector of our economy.”