Council seeks anti-blight commissioners


PROSPECT — The Town Council is seeking people interested in serving on a newly-formed Anti-Blight Commission.

The council recently adopted a Blight Ordinance, which goes into effect March 29. The purpose of the ordinance is “to define, prohibit and abate blights and nuisances, to protect, preserve and promote public health, safety and welfare, and to preserve and protect property values.”

The ordinance provides for the establishment of an Anti-Blight Commission consisting of five members appointed by the council. The commission will meet regularly to identify potentially blighted properties, and to receive, review, evaluate and address complaints of blight as delineated in the ordinance.

The Ordinance Subcommittee of the council will be conducting the initial interviews of persons interested in serving on the commission March 18 to March 21. Anyone interested in being considered for appointment to the commission is asked to download an application from the town’s website or send a brief letter of interest to: Prospect Town Council Ordinance Subcommittee/ABC, 36 Center St., Prospect, CT 06712. The letters should include full name, address, phone and email contact information.

The complete Blight Ordinance and application for Anti-Blight Commission are available online at