Council eyeing speed bumps for roads


PROSPECT — Officials are exploring whether to install speed bumps on certain roads to slow down drivers speeding in town.

“It’s something I think we need to address sooner than later,” said Town Council Chairman Jeffrey Slapikas during the council’s Sept. 21 meeting.

Speeding and traffic issues in town have been the subject of complaints and discussions for several years.

Slapikas last week raised the idea of installing what he described as “speed humps,” after a recent trip to Colorado. He said he saw speed bumps installed on roads in Colorado that raise from the curb to a gradual hump then slope back done. They are 12 to 14 feet across, he said.

Slapikas said he spoke with a public works official in Colorado about the speed bumps. He said the speed bumps allow for emergency vehicles to still drive over them at a quicker pace, but they can help slow down cars. He wants the town to try them out at a few areas to see how they work.

One area would likely be on Straitsville Road near the intersection of Porter Hill Road. The intersection was the site of a fatal crash in 2014.

The council agreed to form a safety committee in October to explore the idea.