Coronavirus hospitalizations fall below 100 in state


HARTFORD — For the first time since March 25 the total number of patients hospitalized by COVID-19 in Connecticut fell under 100.

Public health officials on Monday reported there was a net drop of four patients between COVID-19 admissions and discharges to 99 statewide.

There have been 44,384 laboratory-confirmed cases and another 1,978 probable cases involving untested patients showing symptoms of the disease since the first established case was reported on March 8.

There were four more deaths in the state attributed to the coronavirus reported on Monday. There have been 3,451 confirmed deaths of patients who tested positive for COVID-19 before they died, and 869 probable deaths of untested people whose death certificates list COVID-19 disease as a cause of death or a significant condition contributing to death.

The Naugatuck Valley Health District reported Monday there have been 377 confirmed cases in Naugatuck and 52 in Beacon Falls. The health district reported there have been 36 confirmed deaths and three probable deaths associated with COVID-19 in Naugatuck, and none in Beacon Falls.

As of June 19, the latest data released by the Chesprocott Health District, the health district reported there had been 67 cases in Prospect and no coronavirus-related deaths in town. State data reported Monday put the number of confirmed cases in Prospect at 61, but the data didn’t include 195 cases that were pending address validation.