Conroy welcomes funding for NVCC

Theresa Conroy
Theresa Conroy

HARTFORD — State Rep. Theresa Conroy (D-105) welcomed the state Bond Commission’s recent approval of funding for Naugatuck Valley Community College.

As part of an $18 million effort to finance new and replacement equipment for 12 community colleges across the state, NVCC will receive $505,000.

“NVCC provides quality education to people across the Valley,” Conroy said in a statement. “It has been instrumental in training a workforce that is prepared for the job demands of today and tomorrow.”

NVCC was recently designated an Advanced Manufacturing Center that will continue to feature manufacturing and technical education with subjects ranging from CNE technology to welding and lean manufacturing. As an Advanced Manufacturing Center, NVCC will partner with manufacturing companies to link students with jobs.

Current enrollment and graduation trends indicate a strong resurgence in NVCC manufacturing programs, according to a release issued by Conroy’s office. There has been a 425 percent increase in the number of students enrolled in manufacturing certificate programs from 2006 to 2010, the release stated.


  1. I would be impressed if for once our representatives talked about REAL cost savings and efficiencies in State government. How about eliminating some of the waste-of-money State mandates for schools and municipalities? We have had to endure the largest tax increase, ever, and we are told we are still going to face a BILLON PLUS DEFICIT for at least the next two years! During elections, politicians say they will ‘make the hard choices’. We are still waiting! When can we expect to actually see some real, positive action instead of more spending and empty promises?!?

  2. Just like she did during her first term in Hartford, Ms. Conroy is trying to make it look like she is doing something for the community releasing old information regarding something that she had nothing to do with.