Conroy takes rematch in 105th


Democrat Theresa Conroy talks with Fred Stanek of Seymour during her post-election celebration at Hot Tamales in Seymour. Unofficial numbers have Conroy winning the 105th House District election over incumbent Republican Len Greene Jr. by 38 votes. –LUKE MARSHALL

BEACON FALLS — The rematch in the race for the 105th House District ended closer than the first round two years ago and may see a recount.

Unofficial numbers show Democrat challenger Theresa Conroy, 55, defeated Republican incumbent Len Greene Jr., 5,109 to 5,071.

“I look at it not as a win for myself, but as a win for the 105th district overall,” said Conroy, who is currently a selectman in Seymour. “I fought this campaign because I thought the people of the 105th district needed the voice of someone fighting for their needs.”

The 105th House District covers Beacon Falls, Seymour, and part of Derby.

Conroy, who will be sworn in on Jan. 9 if the numbers are correct, said that the first problem she will take on as representative is the economy.

“This district, we are an old factory and mill town. We really need to get economic development and jobs down here.” Conroy said.

This is not the first time that Conroy will find herself representing the 105th district, having served as its representative from 2008 to 2010. She lost the seat in the last election to Greene by 99 votes.

“People knew me from before, and I’m glad that people gave me their trust again to go up there and fight for them,” Conroy said. “I’m going to be a champion for them day and night out there. I can promise them that now.”

Republican Len Greene Jr., left, waves to a voter driving into to Laurel Ledge Elementary School in Beacon Falls Tuesday afternoon. By his side are his mother, Robin Andrews, and his uncle, Joseph Pinto. –ELIO GUGLIOTTI

Greene explained that, because the numbers are so close, the vote might go into a recount. He said he has been advised by his campaign team and attorneys with the state Republicans to not make any concession Tuesday evening.

“I’m not conceding yet. Apparently the state mandates that if the election is within 0.5 percent, there is an automatic recount situation,” the 32-year-old Greene said.

If that is not the case, he and his team will re-evaluate the situation Wednesday, he said.

“Because it is such a close race, we would like to find out what the actual numbers are,” Greene said.

Greene, a Seymour resident, pointed out that, on top of the numbers being so close, there was a potential issue with the ballots in one of the polling locations in Seymour that the town is looking into. However, Greene said that he will wait for the official numbers from the state to be released Wednesday morning.