Conditions spark two fires in borough


NAUGATUCK — The fire department responded to two fires that were exacerbated by the weather conditions  Sunday night.

The first fire was located at 34 and 44 Evelyn Drive, where two adjacent sheds burned.

According to Fire Chief Ken Hanks, the fire department received the call around midnight.

Hanks said that the department believes that the fire started as a grass or mulch fire but quickly spread to the two sheds due to the windy and dry conditions. The cause is being ruled accidental.

The two sheds were completely destroyed in the fire. The contents of the shed, including a lawnmower, were also destroyed.

There were no injuries and no damage to the houses on either property.

Shortly after the two sheds burned down last night the department responded to another fire.

The second fire, a small brush fire on Myrtle Avenue, was caused by a campfire that had not been properly put out. There was no property damage caused by this fire.

Hanks said that the town is under a red flag warning for fires. The warning is due to dry conditions and high winds, which mean that fires have a higher chance of spreading.

While this warning is in effect there is a ban on any open flames. Chimneys and fire pits should not be used while this warning is in effect.

Hanks warned that residents should be cautious when using anything that creates a spark and disposing of cigarettes.