Commission withdraws text change proposal


NAUGATUCK — The Zoning Commission this month withdrew a proposal for a proposed text change to reduce the amount of land needed for a planned development district (PDD) to 5 acres.

The regulations state that a PDD is a large-scale project on parcels of land 20 acres or more. These include the industrial park, some condominium complexes, and the new Jewish school and residential area off May Street.

The intention behind the change was to be able to use large lots around the borough in new ways. However, the Planning Commission did not feel the text change went far enough, Town Planner Lori Rotella said.

The Planning Commission requested that, rather than just making a text change, the Zoning Commission completely rework the entire section that governs PPDs, Rotella said. If the commission decides to move forward with the Planning Commission’s request, it would be a large undertaking, she said.