Commission wants new plans to complete Fawn Meadow

The Naugatuck Planning Commission denied the request from Northeastern Development for a five-year extension on its contract to complete the Fawn Meadow development in the Indian Hills area of Naugatuck. Instead, the commission wants the developer to issue new plans. –FILE PHOTO

NAUGATUCK — The Planning Commission has denied a developer’s request for a five-year contract extension to complete the Fawn Meadow development in the Indian Hills area of Naugatuck.

Representatives from Northeastern Development came before the commission in July seeking a five-year extension to complete the third phase of Fawn Meadow’s development. The original contract, which is set to expire this year, gave Northeastern Development 10 years to complete Fawn Meadow.

The commission decided not to grant the extension to Northeastern Development at its Oct. 1 meeting.

Since development of Fawn Meadow started, there have been a number of regulation changes in the borough. The commission felt that it would be prudent to have new plans submitted that were completely updated and conformed to all of the regulations rather than grant the extension.

The commission also requested that Northeastern Development submit new maps, showing the conformations to these new regulations.

Town Planner Keith Rosenfeld submitted a final review, which included seven final observations that developers would have to take care of before coming back to the planning commission for approval.

Among those observations were the compliance of the subdivision plans with the storm water management plan of the Naugatuck subdivision regulations, the review of all easements and deeds by the town attorney, and submitting a modified written statement from an engineer indicating all of the subdivision improvements to be built and approximate cost for their construction.

The plans to continue the development did not come without public concern. During both the July and August meetings, members of the public came forth to voice issues about the amount of water that had been coming down the hill since construction began.

During the August public hearing, attorney James Cummings, of The Cummings Law Firm, and Northeastern Development owner Bill Bette explained that the increased water was not a direct result of the construction they had been doing at Fawn Meadow.

However, Bette said at the time that he would run a pipe that would help alleviate that water and any other water that would come from the development of Fawn Meadow.