Commission sets hearing for parking, warehouse plan


PROSPECT — The Planning and Zoning Commission scheduled a hearing for Jan. 17 to discuss the merits of a proposal to add parking and a 3,200-square-foot warehouse behind the plaza at 158 Waterbury Road.

The 1-acre property in the town’s gateway district is currently owned and occupied by Capozzi Dental Group.

David Carson, an engineer with OCC Group Inc., said Capozzi occupies half of the existing 11,620-square-foot building and hopes to rent out the other half. The site also has a free-standing garage.

The project would be constructed in two phases, Carson said, with the first phase to include adding one client parking space in front, restriping the parking area along the side of the building, and adding a paved parking area in the rear, for a total of 37 parking spaces. The project would add landscaping around the parking area and stairways connecting the parking areas to one another.

The plan would not increase storm water runoff, Carson said.

The second phase would include building the warehouse.

Carson said he will get a letter from the Chesprocott Health District and a report from a soil scientist before the scheduled hearing.

Capozzi has a maximum of six employees working at one time and two to four patients, Carson said.

There are no specific plans for the use of the warehouse, Carson said, but it could store cars, boats, motor homes, or supplies for a small plumber or electrician.

“He wanted to see what else he could fit on the site,” Carson said.

Zoning Commissioner Gregory Ploski said the commission will need a 3D rendering of the building to make sure it looks like a colonial building, which is a requirement of the gateway district.