Commission seeks alternate member


BEACON FALLS — Officials want to add an alternate member to the Parks and Recreation Commission.

The commission recently proposed a change to the ordinance that created the commission to allow for an alternate member to be appointed to the board. The commission has seven full members and no alternates.

According to Parks and Recreation Chairman Steven Ruhl, the commission has had trouble getting enough members to meetings to have a quorum in the past. The lack of quorum has interfered with the commission’s ability to get things accomplished, he said in an email.

Under the proposed ordinance change, the alternate would be required to attend all the meetings, but won’t have voting rights unless appointed for an absent member.

The Board of Selectmen approved sending the proposed ordinance change to the town attorney for review during its Dec. 10 meeting.

“I think it makes a lot of sense,” First Selectman Christopher Bielik said.

Selectman Michael Krenesky recommended that the board reach out to other commissions to see if a similar change would benefit them as well.

The proposed ordinance change will be sent to a public hearing and town meeting, which will likely take place in January.


  1. Just what someone wants to do. Plan to attend a meeting as an alternate, then find out their not needed if everyone attends.