Commission rules council violated FOI Act


PROSPECT — The state Freedom of Information Commission concluded the Town Council violated the FOI Act regarding an agenda and minutes for meetings last year.

The commission ruled the agenda for the council’s Feb. 4, 2020, meeting failed to fairly apprise the public of the action to be taken in executive session, minutes for the Jan. 17, 2020, weren’t filed, and the minutes for meetings on Jan. 21, 2020, and Feb. 4, 2020, didn’t record votes taken to enter and come out of executive sessions and who attended the executive sessions.

Resident Kathryn Zandri filed a complaint on March 2, 2020, about the meetings, and a hearing was held last December. The commission released its decision in a letter late last month.

The commission recommended the council “strictly comply” with the FOI Act moving forward and arrange for an FOI training session to be conducted during a public council meeting.

During the council’s March 2 meeting, council member Patricia Geary said an FOI training session is valuable and should be done.

Council Chairman Jeffrey Slapikas he doesn’t haven’t a problem with training and it would be great for the council and all elected officials.

The FOI Commission is scheduled to meet March 24 to consider the issue for disposition.