Commission OKs new development


Resident Fred Bowes said the construction traffic will cause the road to deteriorate.
BEACON FALLS — A new development on Fairfield Place has been given the green light.

The Planning and Zoning Commission last week approved a plan submitted by developer Charles Edwards to build 14 houses on land at the end of Fairfield Place.

The plan calls for extending the street, which is a cul-de-sac, and building 13 additional houses along the road. Another house would be built in the same neighborhood but have a driveway off of Burton Road.

There are currently 16 houses on Fairfield Place.

The property where the new homes are proposed is zoned as R3, which allows for residential houses to be built on quarter-acre lots if there is water and sewer lines running to them. The houses along Fairfield Place are zoned R1, which allows for residential houses to be built on one-acre lots.

Residents of the neighborhood raised concerns that the denser development would impact safety of Fairfield Place, which they described as a narrow street.

The commission placed conditions on the approval, including Edwards has to be liable for town engineering fees throughout the completion of the project and has to create open space or make a payment in lieu of open space.