CL&P issues alert to customers


BERLIN — Connecticut Light & Power issued an alert to its customers to be wary of solicitation visits from people claiming to work for the utility.

A press release issued by CL&P stated the company has received reports from Niantic of two men going door-to-door in that community requesting to see customer’s electric bills.

The men are reportedly identifying themselves as CL&P employees and carrying counterfeit identification badges, the release said.
CL&P does not conduct such solicitation calls or visits unless we need access to our equipment or there is a safety concern, the release said. All CL&P employees carry company-issued photo identification and use vehicles marked with the CL&P logo. In addition, any electrical contractors working with CL&P carry documentation explaining the nature and location of their work.

If a customer receives a call or a visit to their home such as the one in Niantic, CL&P recommends they hang up the phone or decline the door-to-door offer, even if the person claims some form of proof, such as a “badge number” from the utility company. Customers are urged to Call CL&P directly at (800) 286-2000 to confirm any offers.