Clear road to another term 

Rosa Rebimbas

NAUGATUCK — As Election Day draws close, at least one race is already decided.

Republican state Rep. Rosa Rebimbas, 42, is not facing a challenge and will be re-elected to represent the 70th House District, which covers a portion of Naugatuck.

Rebimbas was first elected to the House in a special election in 2009. She hasn’t faced a challenge for the seat since.

Rebimbas, a Naugatuck native who works as an attorney in the borough, said she dedicates herself to the position regardless of whether she has a challenger.

“I certainly take nothing for granted,” Rebimbas said. “From day one I am working and I am trying to get the information out of what’s going on and getting done out to people.”

Rebimbas said her focus heading into her next term will remain jobs, the economy and Naugatuck.

Rebimbas said the borough is facing a problem — there aren’t enough people with specialized knowledge to fill available jobs.

“We have jobs out there that are going unfilled. The issue is we don’t have the individuals properly trained to fill those position,” Rebimbas said.

Rebimbas said she wants to focus on education, job training and apprenticeships to give people who are unemployed or looking for a new career the opportunity to fill one of the openings.

Rebimbas said she also wants to continue working to make the state a more affordable place to live and do business.

Rebimbas said Naugatuck has its own set of issues that are priorities for her, including public health, transportation and the school system, and she works closely with local officials to make sure the borough has what it needs.

Although not having an opponent doesn’t mean she will work less hard, Rebimbas said she’s grateful for the trust residents have in her.

“I am humbled and honored by the fact I’m unopposed,” Rebimbas said. “I hope and believe that the people are satisfied with the work I am doing.”