Cleaning up from the holidays


NAUGATUCK — With the holiday season comes holiday mess.

According to a news release issued by Naugatuck Recycling and Solid Waste Coordinator Sheila Baummer, most Americans produce 25 percent more trash during the holiday season, from Thanksgiving to New Year’s than during the rest of the year. The increase in garbage means an increased cost to taxpayers and a strain on the environment, the release stated.

The release stated numerous ways people can reduce the holiday garbage that mounts during the season, including reusing gift boxes and bags and wrapping gifts in usable holiday towels or napkins instead of paper.

Much of what once was holiday garbage can now be recyclable curbside in Naugatuck including corrugated cardboard, shirt, gift, and cereal type boxes and wrapping paper without bows and ribbons, the release stated.

Always flatten the boxes and remove any plastic wrap, windows, etc. on the boxes the release stated. Residents with blue recycling bins should cut and tie cardboard into 2-foot-by-2-foot bundles. Residents using the red automated carts should flatten boxes, carts will not completely empty if oversized boxes are jammed inside, the release stated.

Any item that can be recycled at home is also accepted at the Recycling Center, which will be open normal hours on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

Usable items such as gently used household goods, clothing and toys can be dropped off in the Goodwill trailer at the Railroad Station on Water Street.

For more information, call the Public Works Department at (203) 720-7071 or e-mail