Cash stolen from Beacon Falls library


BEACON FALLS — A thief broke into the town library sometime last Wednesday night or Thursday morning and made of with about $46 in petty cash, according to Library Director Marsha Durley.

This is the second time the library has been the target of burglars this year.

During the first burglary, some time in mid-August, about $250 was stolen from the circulation desk, Durley said.
The money came from the Friends of the Beacon Falls Library wish-list jar, a conscience box for late books – the library doesn’t issue late fees – and proceeds from daily transactions like making copies or replacing library cards.

“Anything that we take in helps us in one way or the other,” Durley said.

Durley said the most recent burglary occurred between 8:30 p.m. Oct. 12 and 10 a.m. Oct. 13, when the library was closed, but Town Hall was probably open.

“Anybody could come upstairs and nobody would know,” Durley said.

During both burglaries, the thief or thieves tampered with the lock to gain entry.

When she arrived Oct. 13 for work, Durley said the lock was so mangled she had to call the police just to get in.

“It really disrupts the day,” Durley said.

Besides the stolen cash, the town had to pay to replace the lock twice.

After the first burglary, Durley said the library made sure to remove large bills from the premises more often, which is why there was less money to steal the second time. The first time, only large bills were stolen, but during the most recent burglary, Durley said even the loose change was stolen.

“The town is going to take steps. They’re very upset about it. They’re going to put deadbolts on the door up here and they’re going to increase surveillance of the building,” Durley said.

As of this post the case was still under investigation.