Car break-ins trend up


NAUGATUCK — The Naugatuck Police Department is warning residents to lock their car doors after seeing a slight uptick in car break-ins recently.

There have been 30 motor vehicle break-ins in the past three months, and 12 in May alone. By comparison, the department responded to an average of 6.3 car break-ins per month since May 2013.

Most of the break-ins have one thing in common — the cars were unlocked.

“We tell people frequently that any valuables should be in the trunk or brought inside,” said Lt. Bryan Cammarata, police spokesman. “And people should make sure windows are up and doors are locked.”

The street with the highest number of break-ins since May of 2013 has been High Street at seven, while Water Street was second with four. The other break-ins are scattered around the borough; and most of them happen at night, police said.

Most of the items being stolen include loose change and GPS units. Others have had tools, medication, briefcases, backpacks and other items stolen. Someone also claimed $100 was taken from a car, police said.

Several Naugatuck residents have taken to social media to talk about their cars being broken into at various places around town. Most of them complain about loose change being taken.

Cammarata said thieves walk up and down the street looking for targets of opportunity.

“When we arrest someone for these kind of break-ins, they usually say they were just checking door handles to find one that was unlocked,” he said. “If it’s unlocked, they are going to rifle through your stuff and take whatever they think might be of value.”

Cammarata also encouraged people to report all break-ins so police can track patterns and possibly retrieve items that have been stolen.