Capital projects on agenda for town meeting


BEACON FALLS — Voters will decide the fate of 11 capital projects at a town meeting.

The meeting is Monday at 7 p.m. at Town Hall, 10 Maple Ave. Voters will be asked to approve using $146,390 out of the town’s excess fund balance.

The most expensive project on the list is the purchase, rather than lease, of a utility vehicle for Beacon Hose Company No. 1 for $36,290.

The projects also include more than $20,000 of work at the Pent Road Recreation Complex. This includes $20,000 to replace the roofs on the Sugar Shack and at the complex’s bathrooms.

In addition the town is looking to spend $14,000 to renovate the tax collector and assessor office.

First Selectmen Christopher Bielik said the 11 items were chosen because they have been on the town’s radar for a while.

“They are things that are on the list that have been needing attention for a while,” Bielik said.

In addition, it is the town’s policy to use excess revenue for capital projects whenever possible, he said.

“When we have excess funds available we look downstream to improvements that need to be done,” Bielik said. “We offset one-time capital expenditures with one-time revenue from excess funds.”